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by Jamie Rosier

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Jamie Rosier

Meet Stinklet, a rotten, smelly mouse that has a zero IQ and tends to get his tail caught in everything. This is why you see him holding his tail a lot. Sitnklet lives at the dump in a house that is mostly constructed out of trash and molded cheese, which would explain the foul odor he leaves behind everywhere he goes. You can often see Stincel and Ringlet airing out their office and spraying a ton or room deodorizer after Stinklet leaves.

Stinklet was adopted and raised by cockroaches. He is a friend of Stincel and Ringlet and frequently stops by their office to visit them and bring them something gross he baked. Sometimes Stincel and Ringlet will stuff the nasty smelling food in the freezer when Freezer Bern (Drip Drop) is sleeping, and it will stink up the whole freezer and it turns him a nasty green color because the smell soaked into his skin.